Best Comedy for “Tocate” in Baltimore Webfest

The series “Tocate”, where I play the lead role of Mercedes, won Best Comedy in Foreign Language in Baltimore Webfest. The whole team is very happy to receive this amazing award and share with the spanish PRESS

Invited to Baltimore Webfest

I am honored to be part of the guest speakers and panelist at Baltimore Webfest next 31st October. Besides talking about my role in the short form Spanish series, Tócate, I will also discuss about the future and impact of web series. Watch TOCATE- Trailer

Short form series “Tocate” selected in international festivals

This comedy is worth watching. After its release in January 2019, we got selected into Sicily Web Fest and London International Online Web Fest PRESS. If you want to check the trailer (and me playing a religious fierceless woman) please check it out HERE. 


Shooting in Australia “I met a girl”

Right now I find myself shooting “I met a girl” co-produced by Monsoon Pictures and Factor 30 Films. Starring Brenton Thwaites and Lilly Sullivan, tells the story of a musician struggling with schizophrenia that falls in love with a mysterious woman. Directed by Luke Eve…I can’t wait to see it finished. PRESS

Music video for successful spanish group

Choreographing the new music video of “Oques Grasses”, a successful music group that just launched their NEXT SINGLE . Directed by promising filmmaker David Victori and starring famous spanish actor Jan Cornet, this music video was shot entirely in LA.

Rehearsing with dancers

 Commercial Pianos YAHAMA

It´s been such a pleasure to work as a choreographer for Yamaha commercial. Check out the VIDEO. with amazing american dancer Joelle Logan.

Premier at the Short+Sweet Hollywood Festival

SIRENA will be playing next 4th October at the Marylin Monroe Theater for the Short+Sweet Hollywood Festival. Short+Sweet is a global festival presenting highly successful theater, dancer and film from all around the world. SIRENA is directed by Kimba Henderson  and tells the story of Gaby, a woman that would like to be The Little Mermaid but in reality she’s a siren.

Get your tickets HERE



Nomination in New Jersey Webfest

A new nomination as BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS for the role of the presidents wife, Mrs. Margarita, in the series We all wanted to kill the President”.  If you want to see the complete series you can watch it now on AMAZON PRIME SPAIN

The New Jersey Webfest will celebrate it´s first edition this year. You can now check our 8 nominations, including Best Supporting Actress #MakeHistoryWithUs


Interview in Business Woman Magazine

BUSINESS WOMAN magazine focuses on successful stories and the development of entrepreneurs, women in politics and leaders of opinion… I invite you to read my interview where I talk about my craft, my new projects and my personal opinion about acting. HERE

Business Woman

Nomination as Best Supporting Actress

Rome Web Awards 2018 Best Supporting Actress nomination for Maria´s role of the president’s wife in the digital series “We all wanted to kill the president”.

“Touch yourself” The new digital series

“Playful” (in spanish “Tócate!”) is the new digital series directed by Victoria Avinyó. A bright comedy that has already been compared to the spanish version of “Sex and the City” and that will be available May 2018. Maria will be playing the lead “Mercedes”, a very conservative and religious woman that will discover that praying is not the only thing in life.  What press said about us!

Tócate-BTS-2From right to left: Marina Gutierrez, Maria Albiñana, Patri Teruel and Nuria Lopez

Best Actress for short film “Te echo de menos”

Short film directed by Yuki Yoshimatsu was shooted in LA. It has already been touring many festivals. Happy for this award! “TE ECHO DE MENOS”

premio topshort

“We all wanted to kill the President” trailer

A corrupted President, annoyed citizens and a mysterious crime. A new, biting humor web series ready to show a president´s wife with no regrets about the death of her husband… Could she be the killer? Watch out the trailer for the upcoming season of “We all wanted to kill the President”- TRAILER

This new web series will be released at Marseille WebFest 2017 and tour around other webfest as Bilbao Webfest. Don´t miss it!

tamalMaria Albiñana playing Margarita, the president´s wife

We are back with FULL MONTY-the musical

One of the biggest musicals in the city of Valencia comes back to Teatro Talia. 90´s greatest hits, dance, comedy and… FULL MONTY! Starting the September 13- 24. Don´t miss it and buy your tickets HERE

full sept

Interview for 97.7 fm radio Valencia

A pleasure to have this interview with Oscar Pellicer at @977radio where I got the chance to talk about CinemaJove, the new web series to come and the musical Al Desnudo, based on the movie picture`Full Monty´. Listen to it KNOW!


II edition for Web Series section at CinemaJove

This year, María Albiñana and her colleague Ana Ramón Rubio, will run the II edition of web series section in Valencia International Film Festival- CinemaJove. 13 shows from all over the world, will compete for the big award as Best Web Series and many other special awards from our partnerships RockzelineLAWeb FestRoma Web Fest and Marseille Web Fest from the 24-25 June 2017. For more INFO

Maria, the President´s wife

The new web series “We all want to kill the President”(IMDB), directed by Ana Ramón Rubio, tells the story of how a group of workers receive the unexpected visit of the President and his wife and start dreaming on how could they kill him…the next day they will discover that their dreams have come true.

Maria plays Margarita, the President´s wife, a woman who cares very little about his husband´s death. She´s much more worried about how to get her money back and finish all this detective story. The cast members are the same as in the last web series proyect “Without a life of my own”.


Press tour FULL MONTY

Let´s start our press tour for this new musical

EL MUNDO- prensa


ONDA CERO- radio


prensa full 

New musical FULL MONTY!!

Maria becomes member of the cast of this new musical based on the 90 movie “Full Monty”. Music on live, original songs and lot´s of hot stuff going on at Teatre Talia in Valencia until sunday 22nd Jan. YOU CAN´T MISS IT!


My voice for promotional video

Here you have the promotional video with my voice for Alcossebre (Valencia, Spain) for FITUR

Voice Maria Albiñana


The new App of spanish poetry

The App for spanish poetry Poética 2.0 has been shooting lately poems from Maria Beneyto.poetica_mariabeneyto

Co-ordinating web series in CinemaJove

During the 22, 23 and 24 of June, I had the pleasure to co-ordinate the I Edition of Web Series for the Valencia International Film Festival, along with my colleague the filmmaker Ana Ramón Rubio.

Thanks to our great and first class jury, who have supported and back-up this first edition. Michael Ajakwe, director and founder of LAWEBFEST, the biggest and first web series festival in the world. Antoine Disle, co-founder of distribution company Rockzeline. And, Adrià Monés, executive producer and co-production director at Filmax.

We are really looking forward for next year! We love web series!


“Te echo de menos” selected for TMC London Film Festival

Shooted in L.A and directed by filmmaker Yuki Yoshimatsu, the film has been selected for the TMC London Film Festival. “Te echo de menos” tells the story of  two young women in love who are forced to face the cruel realities of depression and the wreckage it brings.

This project has also been in the official selection of Outlanta Short Film Festival, L.A Cineast Online Monthly Competition and Direct Online Film Festival.


The musical “Chao Chochín” in Javea

Next 17th June at 10p.m, the musical “Chao Chochín” travels to the mediterrenean coast Javea. The show is a tribute to the revue of the beginning of the 2oth Century. Produced by company Reinas Magas and directed by actress and singer MªJosé Peris, Maria will play the role of “Sarasá”, a super valencian vedette.

chao17th June 10p.m at Plaza de la Iglesia, Jávea (Valencian Community) 

The web series in the Valencia International Film Festival

Together with director Ana Ramon Rubio, Maria Albiñana will co-ordinate this new web series section in the International Film Festival CINEMAJOVE, that celebrates it´s 31st edition. Thanks to the collaboration of the LAWebfest and Marseille Webfest, Valencia will be pointed out in the map as one of the most important web series festivals. The 1st of April you can start to register your show…what are you waiting for?  More information


In the photo (from left to right): Rafael Maluenda, Ana Ramón Rubio, María Albiñana and José Luis Moreno

New series in TVE

If you want to see Maria in this new episode, click HERE

“The Test” with a wonderful cast

Next 14th December at 9pm be ready for the premier of “The Test” at Sala Tú of Madrid. Written by the famous german playwriter Lukas Bärfuss.  This black comedy counts with the actors Ramón Langa, Juan Calot, Julián Ortega, Cecilia Solaguren and María Albiñana, whom will be directed by Jesus Cracio. For your tickets please click HERE

la prueba

Collaborating for Mastocytosis

Last weekend, María Albiñana shooted “Counting Stars” a solidary shortfilm directed by Josevi García Herrero , which counted with a wonderful cast with spanish actors Emilio Gutierrez Caba, Fede Aguado, Jaime Pujol and Cristina Perales. This proyect has received the funds of cultural association Peloki and Spanish Association for Mastocytosis.

contando estrellas

María with actors Fede Aguado and María de Paco

New project: Classroom Show

After the gran opening in Xirivella (Valencia), “Classroom Show” will be playing at Sala Zircó next 26 and 27th of November in Valencia. A great comedy that will help you understand why grown-ups can be worse than kids…are you ready to dance, laugh and criticize?med_MANOS-QUIETAS-ESPECTACULO-EN-LAS-AULAS

New stage production “VUELTA Y VUELTA”

You can´t wait to see this new comedy “VUELTA y VUELTA”, written and directed by Angel Lucas (who´s already on preproduction for his first feature film) and starring María Albiñana. I will wait for you next 2,3,4 and 9,10,11 October at 8.30pm Sala Carolina.

Don´t miss it!

Shooting new project “La Madre”

This new movie, directed by Alberto Morais, has been selected at the L´Atelier Cannes. In the cast Laia Marull (Goya Award Winner), Sergio Caballero and Maria Albiñana, amongst other great actors. Soon you will get the chance to see this new movie LA MADREla-madre-portfolio-210x300

Learning with John Strasberg

Last 15th June the Union Actors of Madrid (Spain) organized a workshop with John Strasberg. Maria could develop and improve her acting skills thanks to master Strasberg, who shared his professionality, rigour and sense of reality. It was a pleasure to work and learn with John Strasberg.



Helping “Mamás en Acción”

Maria participated in this viral ad (click HERE) for the NGO “Mamás en Acción” (“Mommys in Action”). Our goal was to stand out the work they do with the disadvantage children in Valencia (Spain) and to congratulate all the Mommys around the world and tell them: YOU ARE AWESOME! NGO “Mamás en Acción”


Being part of “Common Greatness”

A story, a photo. This is the proyect of David Rota, a young photographer who has developed  “Common Greatness”, a place where common people tell their own story. Maria participated in this new project and this was the result. What do you think?

Common Greatness

“I was never afraid of not being able to live of my profession. I guess it could be, or it’s, unconsciousness. I don’t know. (Now I think I’m afraid. It depends). I only know that if I don’t do this I withered inside of me and I get very sad. Even when I feel misunderstood, when I play, when I perform, I feel that I fit. Fit.” 

Classical National Theatre Company

Maria selected in the wonderful cast of the dramatized lecture “La traición en la amistad” written by Maria de Zayas. A cutting edge classical play written by a woman who was ahead of her time. The play was directed by Jesus Cracio and produced by Compañía Nacional de Teatro Clásico, premiered 9th February 2015.




Nominated at ROMEweb Awards

RWA2015“Sin Vida Propia” rises with 13 nominations at the ROMEweb Awards.  One of them has been for Maria Albiñana as BEST ACTRESS (Comedy) for her outstanding role in the spanish web series.

The webseries, created and directed by Ana Ramon Rubio, has toured around 10 International Festivals (USA, Canada, Corea…) and  has been awarded with several prizes in different countries. If you want to check the web series visit:

More info #SVP

They shoot horses, don´t they?

I am happy to announce and be part of the new stage production of “They shoot horses, don´t they?”. More than 10 professional actors, directed by Alberto Velasco will revolved the Depression- era Dance marathon.


New production for National Classical Theatre Company

María will be Belisa in “La traición en la amistad” written by Maria Zayas, the most famous playwrighter during the spanish 17th Century. This play has been selected as the next dramatized lecture by the National Classical Theatre Company (Spain). MORE INFO.

New Years Eve on STAGE!

Maria will start the year on stage with “Apartamento en Venta” (written and directed by Angel Lucas), the perfect comedy por the perfect last night of 2014. If you want to see our teaser take a look at THIS!

promo apartamentoenventa

Shooting for POÉTICA 2.0

Once again, María has been shooting for the app POÉTICA 2.0, the first spanish poetry collection for app.

poetica 2.0

Maria Albiñana attends workshop with stage director Andres Lima


Malthusianism at Montreal Comiccon Festival

Great news!  “Malthusianism” will be one of the 26 selected films showcased at Montreal Comiccon 2014.malthusianism

Still kicking it with “Without a Life of my Own”

Best actress, best translated comedy and grand prize at LAWebfest. Best comedy at Vancouver Webfest. And, Best Wirting in Austin Webfest. Those are are lastest awards while we are still heading towards different Film/Webseries festivals, last one Washington DC Webfest. Next stop… Marseille Webfest!


Awarded with outstanding LEAD ACTRESS in a translated comedy

With the leading character “Violet” in WITHOUT A LIFE OF MY OWN, Maria has been awarded at the LA Webfest. Director of LAWebfest, Michael Ajakwe with Maria Albinana.

Award winner Michael and Maria



LAWebfest, the oldest and largest web festival in the world, celebrated his 5th Awards Ceremony and we were the happy winners of the night: OUTSTANDING SERIES IN A TRANSLATED COMEDY and the GRAND PRIX AWARD for Marseille Webfest… I can´t wait for the second season!

award Lawebfest

WITHOUT A LIFE OF MY OWN#2 starts shooting!

Violet has come back to WITHOUT A LIFE OF MY OWN completely free and ready to start a new life… would she be able to make it? Join us WITHOUTALIFEOFMYOWN


Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish.

“A life without my own” selected by LAWEBFEST 2014

Sometimes referred to as the Sundance festival for web series, “A life without my own” has been selected in LAWEBFEST. In March we will be flying to L.A to assist to one of the oldest and largest web series festival in the world.

Sin Vida Propia LAWEBFEST

 “Without a life of my own”- Coming 2º Season

María plays the role of the crazy and lost Violet, a 30 year old woman who still thinks is in her 20´s.  Soon new season but while you wait… Without a life of my own (First season)

Star Desamparados- the unfinished musical

Written and directed by María Albiñana. Premier 12th September  Teatro TalíaValencia.

“A comedy, an unfinished musical about the first hospital for people with mental illness and how a theater company tries to succeed with this musical, even though the problems are about to arise. “Star Desamparados” is a solidary play  for Fundación Maides”.

Check “Star Desamparados” ONLINE

cartel star desamparados

Maria completes the cast in “Los cuernos de Don Friolera”

by Valle Inclán, directed by Pepe Sancho. Premier 24th August at Sagunto (Valencia). Exhibition period October- December Teatro Rialto.

Pictures of an exhibition

New dance/theatre production “Pictures of an exhibition” cast Toni Aparisi, Ana Luján, Lina Martinez and Maria Albiñana. More info.
Coming back for Russafa Escenica the 24th September. More info.


Levante review

La Cartelera interview
cartelera1 cartelera3 cartelera2