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Maria has developed her profesional career as an actress, dancer and journalist and has been in the industry for more than 8 years.
She has been training at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, Piccolo Teatro di Milano and Moscow Theater Art School, amongst others. Maria is committed, hard worker, creative, disciplined and ready to achive all of her goals. She has just been in L.A where she has worked as a professional actress and has won at LAWEBFEST Best lead actress for he role in “Without a life of my own” (Best foreign webseries Vancouver Webfest 2014/ Best foreign comedy Lawebfest 2014/Best script AustinWebfest 2014).
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In this play written by Maria Albiñana we can hear different spoken thoughts of the same person. What makes it most attractive is it’s sense of humour, revealing a fresh and cheeky writing. The cultural references, understood as “sub-” or “anti-“, present a scene full of self-pity and heartbreaking creatures of a unusual young generational portrait. A necessary type of theatre necessary to communicate with another society sector that do not see on stage their interests, ghosts or masturbations. (Guillermo Heras.)


“Remant Life” expresses the feeling of being lost. That type of disorientation, that we all know because we experience or have experienced it. Simple words that touch us. And we feel we don’t know anything. That’s how everything begins: one desperate cry of the million cries that are still to come. Maybe it’s true that humans can’t be happy, that we haven’t been conceived for experiencing happiness. I don’t know what you want me to tell: I see you all very happy with your neck muscles well trained to look to another place. And you are right! Life is just two days and one of them you are on your period, besides, if you have got up to here you have nothing to worry about (…) there is nothing to worry about”. (Alejandro Jornet.)