Premio por el cortometraje "Te echo de menos"Best Actress for short film "Te echo de menos"

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Best Actress for short film “Te echo de menos”

Short film directed by Yuki Yoshimatsu was shooted in LA. It has already been touring many festivals. Happy for this award! “TE ECHO DE MENOS”

premio topshort

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Tráiler "Todos queríamos matar al Presidente""We all wanted to kill the President" trailer

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“We all wanted to kill the President” trailer

A corrupted President, annoyed citizens and a mysterious crime. A new, biting humor web series ready to show a president´s wife with no regrets about the death of her husband… Could she be the killer? Watch out the trailer for the upcoming season of “We all wanted to kill the President”- TRAILER

This new web series will be released at Marseille WebFest 2017 and tour around other webfest as Bilbao Webfest. Don´t miss it!

tamalMaria Albiñana playing Margarita, the president´s wife

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